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Family Events


Easter Sunday

Celebrating the fictional and real Rockets of our imagination. 

Plus Sean's homemade spaghetti!

Inspired by My Sister Eileen sending out rocket models for us all to complete on our own.
Someone else, perhaps Greg and Sean, brought the engines.

 Featuring direct from lunch the first ever Lizard-In-An-Empty Soda Can, inspired by the great scientist Albert Einstein.
You would notice and find Children and Adults running through the hills, backyards and streets looking for and rescuing the runaway rockets. Some missles were rescued and others were left to languish in an unknown backyard or undeveloped field.

Family Food Month


We were all invited to bring our favorite dishes, whether from our own kitchen or the nearest Trader Joe's. Family included those related by blood, marriage, employment, friendships, roommates, "hey I just met you but come on over" mates. We were all friends, family and mates, whether we got along, at the moment, or didn't. There were times when some of us didn't even like one another (I can only speak for myself).

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